WESTJET - Wellness tableware

Taking inspiration from elements of the great Canadian outdoors, the tableware collection for WestJet is called Wellness and is characterized by soft irregular shapes that create a harmonious and serene landscape on the table.

Wellness definitely elevates the standards of airline equipment: each element is designed for tailor-made passenger experience, enhancing the food perception; while the production quality corresponds to what is used in the best high-end restaurants. 

The glazing of the porcelain items plays with a sophisticated matte outside / shiny inside contrast that creates a soft delicate touch.

The expertly crafted deep blue gradient of the hero items, such as the mug and the appetizer plate, reflects the beauty of pristine Canadian mountain lakes.

The hammered metal bread basket and napkin ring and the rock-like quality of the cheese plate reference the rugged beauty of natural elements while being extremely functional.

The salt and pepper shaker, a popular collectible giveaway amongst passengers, is shaped after the iconic Three Sisters mountains and shows that even the smallest details have been designed with great care.


westjet clip tableware
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